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The Staff of One is a powerful magical staff that can cast any spell imaginable by the wielder. The Staff, however, comes with two limitations; first, and more importantly, users of the Staff cannot cast the same spell twice or the spell will misfire and a random effect will occur; second, the Staff cannot be used to bring people back from the dead.

Throughout RunawaysEdit

The Staff of One is Nico Minoru's sole weapon. Tina Minoru had briefly mentioned that the Staff even made the dread Dormammu tremble[1], implying that Nico is only scratching the surface of the Staff's true power. Tina is also able to do spells without saying them, as evident when she turns herself, Robert Minoru, and Victor and Janet Stein into their villain costumes. In the Civil War arc, it is shown that Nico does not need to speak English words to cast spells; Nico cast a teleportation spell using a Latin phrase supplied to her by the Vision.

Only Nico can summon the Staff, but anyone can cast spells with it. When not in use, the Staff retreats into her body, which Nico describes as "feel[ing] like I have something in my eye, but instead of my eye, it's... it's my soul." To summon the Staff, Nico sheds blood and unintentionally recites the incantation "When blood is shed, let the Staff of One emerge." Early in volume one, Nico would cut herself to release the Staff, often using Chase's switchblade. As the series progressed, Nico found alternative ways to make herself bleed, including brushing her gums for extended periods of time, having Gert's deinonychus Old Lace bite her arm, and during her monthly menstrual cycle, Nico does not need to cut herself to evoke the Staff. The Staff always emerges from the center of her chest, and passes through any clothing she is wearing without damaging it or Nico. However the Staff will damage anyone or anything directly in its way when ejected from Nico's body. For example, the Staff emerges after the vampire, Topher begins to drain Nico's blood and pierces directly through the center of his chest.

Nico's time with the Witchbreaker has granted her a newer version of the Staff of One called "The Witchbreaker's Staff." Nico can now wield its powers and cast spells with greater proficiency than before.

Nico uses her Staff of One to create spells that can only be used once, so she has to get creative for new ones.

List of SpellsEdit

Editor's Note: These spells are listed in chronological order in which they appeared within each issue of the Runaways Comics

Image Incantation Used By Volume & Issue
Runaways Vol 1 05 Freeze
Freeze Nico Minoru Volume One #5
In Runaways Volume 1 #5, Nico summoned forth the Staff of One and, upon instinct, used her first spell: Freeze. The Incantation caused Stacey Yorkes to become immediately immobilized in place. The spell remained in effect for an undetermined length of time; Stacey was freed in Runaways Volume 1 #6.
Runaways Vol 1 07 Freeze
Freeze Nico Minoru Volume One #7
In Runaways Volume 1 #7, Nico attempted to cast the Freeze spell for a second time in order to stop a robbery at a convenience store. The effects, however, did not immobilize the targets as it did the first time; the second attempt backfired and accidentally released a flock of pelicans. The faulty spell provided a brief, but unsuccessful distraction. The summoned pelicans remained in the convenience store.
Runaways Vol 1 08 Smoke
Smoke Nico Minoru Volume One #8
In Runaways Volume 1 #8, Nico used the Smoke spell to temporarily disable policemen when the team first meet Topher and broke up a robbery at a convenience store. The police that had been called believed that the Runaways were at fault and gave chase.
Runaways Vol 1 09 Away
Away Nico Minoru Volume One #9
In Runaways Volume 1 #9, Nico kisses Topher and unbeknownst to her, Alex spies on her. After Nico attempts to come clean and tell Alex, he informs her that he already knew, that he had found a secret room with a passageway and that he was keeping an eye on her. Nico, distraught that she had ever trusted Alex, used the Away spell to transport herself away to another part of the Hostel. In Runaways Volume 1 #11, Nico mentions that she used this spell once before from a few weeks ago, but she believed that she can't use the same spell twice.
Runaways Vol 1 09 Mud
Mud Nico Minoru Volume One #9
In Runaways Volume 1 #9, Nico, having just concluded her argument with Alex, stumbled upon Topher and Karolina kissing. Topher believed that Karolina was a mutant and Nico was determined to tell him the truth; however, before she could reveal Karolina's secret, she blasted Nico with a burst of light. In retaliation, Nico called Karolina "Mud", casting the Mud spell, subsequently throwing mud from the Staff of One.
Runaways Vol 1 11 Burst
Burst! Nico Minoru Volume One #11
In Runaways Volume 1 #11, Nico used the Burst! spell to cause two spray-cans of local vandals to explode.
Runaways Vol 1 14 Rock and Roll
Rock and Roll Nico Minoru Volume One #14
In Runaways Volume 1 #14, having been found by the police at the Hostel, the Runaways defend themselves. Nico used the Rock and Roll spell and caused an earthquake and the Hostel began to cave-in. Nico admits that she just wanted to cause a little tremor and that she cannot 'shut it off'.
Runaways Vol 1 15 Waterproof
Waterproof! Nico Minoru Volume One #15
In Runaways Volume 1 #15, Nico used the Waterproof! spell in order to created a large air bubble so that she and the rest of the Runaways could travel to the underwater base of the Pride, to the Marine Vivarium. The spell allowed them to travel 2,500 leagues under the ocean. Upon their arrival to Marine Vivarium, Gert questioned whether they should have been concerned about the bends, considering they've traveled really far down, really fast. Nico assured them that the bends only happens when you go up too fast, though, as a precaution, the Staff automatically regulated their pressure.
Runaways Vol 1 16 Float On
Float On Nico Minoru Volume One #16
In Runaways Volume 1 #16, the Runaways faced their parents in battle, Nico taking on the Steins. Nico used the Float on spell to levitate Victor and Janet up into the air though her own parents put her into a mystical Time out with their own spell. They mused they she had a lot to learn about real spell-casting and that she'd remain frozen in place.
Runaways Vol 1 17 Dance
Dance! Alex Wilder Volume One #17
In Runaways Volume 1 #17, Alex, having taken the Staff of One from a still frozen Nico, used the Dance! spell to unfreeze her from the Minoru's spell. Given it was his first time using the Staff, he mentioned that he "had to try a zillon different phrases" before the Staff unfroze her.
Runaways Vol 1 17 Bondage
Bondage Alex Wilder Volume One #17
In Runaways Volume 1 #17, Alex, still in command of the Staff of One used the Bondage spell to cause chains to material around and capture Karolina, as well as to neutralize her powers. Alex mentions that the chains were made out of the same metal as her bracelet and that he had already tested it on her parents. The spell that he used on them remains unknown.
Runaways Vol 1 17 Hands Off
Hands Off! Nico Minoru Volume One #17
In Runaways Volume 1 #17, Nico was able to reclaim command of the Staff of One, thanks to Gert and Old Lace. She used the Hands off! spell after Alex was distracted from Chase's entry into the inner Marine Vivarium chamber. The spell completely destroyed Chase's Fistigons which he had given to Alex as a "power-up" after he nearly drowned and could not continue with the Runaways to face their parents.

Deconstruct (Used in a fight with 'The Wrecking Crew'.)

A failed resurrection enchantment (Used to bring back Alex Wilder.)

Flashback (Used to find out the thoughts of a future version of Getrude Yorkes.)

Rockstars (Used to apprehend Victor Mancha. However, the attack missed and instead hurt Old Lace.)

You Suck (Used against Turbo from 'Excelsior'.)

Insulation (Used to disable Victor Mancha's powers.)

Invisible (Used to help rescue Victor's mother.)

Shine on you Crazy Diamond (Used to disable Ultron, But Ultron broke free.)



Acid Rain (Used against 'Security Daemons'.)

Old Lace to Old Yeller (Used to turn Old Lace into a dog during their time in New York.)

Hellfire (Used against Spider-Man, He evaded the attack.)

Dreamtime (Used to send Spider-Man to sleep.)

Magic Carpet (Used as transportation in New York.)

Sunburst (Used in a fight against an imposter of Cloak. Unfortunately, he only became more powerful.)

Detox (Chase used this to defeat Cloak's imposter by making him lose the amounts of MGH in his system.)

Get to Work (Used to turn Chase's list of things he could do when he turned 18 into a wrench, much to his Chagrin.)

Shut Up (Used to stop Chase from telling Gert about an incident where Nico kissed him.)

Muzzle (Used to make sure Old Lace doesn't try to bite Nico.)

Pixes find the Leak (Used to see if The New Pride was spying on the Runaways. They were later revealed to have been using Victor.)

Forget (Used to erase Geoffry Wilder's memories.)

Caffeine Injection (Used to increase Molly's strength.)

Now Here Comes The Sweet Talk (Used to disguise Xavin's voice in an attempt to defeat a monster.)

Some Cage spell

And I Liked You Better Dead (Used in one of Nico's dreams to kill her parents.)

Be Quiet (Used by Chase to make Nico, as the name implies, be quiet.)

I'll Just Be A Bad Dream (Used by Chase to send Nico to sleep.)

Get Lost

Chill Out

Wake Up

Prodigium Effodio a.k.a Excavating Monster

Going Down (Used to evade The Punisher by going through the floor.)

Crash (Used to defeat a pack of Ninjas sent by The Kingpin.)

Open Sesame (Used to open boxes at a bank.)

Flooding spell (Used to stop a fight between The Sinners, The Upward Path and Street Arabs in 1907.)

Vegan (Used to end Maneater's cannibalistic ways.)

The Show Must Go On (Used on Gert's parents so that they would run their life as normal and unable to say or do anything to change the future.)

Zombie Not (Used to turn a group of zombies back to humans. However, It was mistaken as Zombie Knot, so the Zombies formed a larger one.)

Snow Globe (Used in Avengers Arena to save Cammi from a avalanche of snow. The spell handle the Avalanche while Chase helped out Cammi in the snow.)

Uproot (Used to allow the magic fruit tree to hover and follow Nico.)

Fallout (Used to protect Chase from being blasted by Hazmat. The spell allowed a wall to block Hazmat's blast from hitting Chase.)

On the Rocks! (Allow Nico to turn snow into water and splash it over Juston's huge sentinel.)

Get Out! (Nico said this to make a energy beam blast Chase away from her.)

Solar Flare! (Used on the sentinel Apex was riding to blast it in a energy of solar fire blast.)

Quicksand! (Used on the very same sentinel Apex was riding and Death Locket to cause them to sink slightly into the ground.)

Giant Killer! (The spell used on the sentinel that Apex stole from Juston to wrap in large magical plant vines and making it immobile for a time.)

Safehouse! (This spell was made as a small teleporter from one spot to the other. For Nico and the other Avengers Arena contestants.)

Slamdoor! (Used to close the portal of the Safehouse! spell.)

Help (A spell to awaken the Staff of One to use Nico's massive blood lost as a blood sacrifice to bring her back to life. More powered and allowing part of the Staff of One to take a form of a guantlet she can wear.)

Blow! (Made Apex and the sentinel she is riding caught in a huge explosion.)

Backdraft! (Made to suck out all the fire in the area and into her Staff of One.)

Recycle (This finally rid of the remains of Juston's stolen sentinel that Apex took. By recycling it completely away.)

Thunderstruck (Used to blast Death Locket with a lightning bolt from her guantlet.)

Botsplode (A spell that was used to cause a explosion to hit Chasehawk and Death Locket.)

Disassemble (Used by the Staff of One to disassemble Death Locket's robotic arm completely.)

Gunshot (Used her guantlet to shoot a energy gun shot at Chasehawk to blast him away.)

Blunt Force (Her guantlet was used as basically a blunted weapon glowing with energy to slam Chasehawk and knock him down as well as reverting him back to Chase form.)

Staff of One to me (Used her guantlet to return the Staff of One away from Apex and back into her hands.)

Dirtnap! (She used her Staff of One to completely bury Apex and Death Locket alive underground.)

Mood Ring (She used this on Hunter Stein, but the effects of the spell is unclear. Possibly to see the truth.)

Crystal Light (She used this spell to turn some plants into bright crystals.)

Abraham Lincoln (This spell made a magical log cabin protect her and her friends...)

Ocean View (She use this spell to fix up a room to allow her and the Runaways to have a view of the outside of their home.)

Wings (She used this to make wings appear on her back and take flight.)

Free Your Minds (She used this to break control of other students that were under Marie's control.)

Wardrobe Malfunction (She used this spell to make Marie's robe wrap around herself.)

Deflector Shields (Nico used this to block off Marie's energy attacks at her.)

Black Magic. Straight Up (Nico used this spell against Bloodstone in attempt to perhaps vaporize his body into the sky. The spell however didn't work.)

Please Work (A spell used to cause her magic energy to help work Antman's machine to use on Reptil's amulet.)

Punish (A spell Nico used to blast Hank Pym almost unconcious.)

Understand (A spell used to allow the Runaways and Avengers Hank and Tigra to understand their situations and histories of one another.)

Freeze to the exact temperature and aesthetic appearance of a cheap popsicle from a 7-11. (Used on Daken to stop him from moving.)

Princess and the Pea (Made a pile of mattresses appear under Daken to break his fall.)

Uranium kicks! (This spell made large cumberstone boots made of uranium to bind themselves to Roston's feet.)

Someplace Else to Be (Spell was used to teleport Chase and Nico out of an interview show.)

Pointy sticks and church water! (Used to make stakes and holy water attack a villain.)

Force quit! (A spell cast to shut off a villain's powers.)

Bounce House! (A spell Nico casted to slam a insane person into the ceiling.)

Outbreak! (Nico cast a spell on some insane individuals attacking them to be infested with a plague pox like illness.)

Cirque du Soleil (A Spell used by Nico to cause two people to crash into one another.)

Albuquerque (A failed spell use by Nico to try and teleport herself and party away.)

Brain Freeze! (A spell by Nico's Witch Arm to shoot ice to a monster.)

Igneous rock! ( A spell use by Nico to solidify Magma into rocks.)

Sedimentary! (A spell used by Nico to turn rock into a dust or small rock particles.)

Fix him! ( A spell casted by Nico to heal Chase's physical wounds, but fail to awaken him.)

Winter is coming! ( A ice spell use to counter Hellstrom's fire spell.)



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