A spoiler is a piece of information that, when released too early, might "spoil" someone's enjoyment of said thing in question. Anything about plot twists or surprises could be a spoiler. However, this isn't always the case. Spoilers can also be considered as small pieces of information released by the network to increase excitement among viewers. Therefore, we aim to publish up-to-date information for all episodes and characters as soon possible.

Information that presents what will happen in future episodes of Runaways that is found online by a reliable source will be publishable on the wiki in an an article that the contributors of this wiki see fit. However, we will not publish information taken from an episode which has not yet been released from Hulu in the United States. Leaked episodes will not be published on this site until it's official online release date.

Appropriate spoilers can be posted in articles, blogs, talk pages, comments etc. However, if spoilers from a leaked episode are posted, an Administrators should be notified in order to remove it.

"Spoilers" are only allowed after the official release of an episode. Things revealed in episode promos are not to be added to articles, until said episode actually airs, as promos can often be misleading.


At Runaways Wiki, spoilers consists of the following:

  • Promotional pictures
  • Teasers, trailers and sneak peeks
  • Insiders
  • Interviews with writers, producers, or show runners.
  • News released from reliable sources such as Hulu or Marvel, SpoilerTV, Deadline, TVLine etc.
  • Showfax or other casting sites.