Robert Minoru is a main character on Season One of Runaways.

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A gentle and brilliant beta, the Woz to his wife’s Jobs. Warm and feeling, Robert sometimes struggles with being married to a woman who so forcefully barricades her emotions while caring about Nico.[3]


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Tina Minoru

"What do you even care, Tina? I've done nothing but humiliate you, betray you. I let you down. I let our girls down. I couldn't protect Amy."
Robert believes he's lost Tina's love in Tsunami

Robert and Tina's relationship is complicated and their marriage and family life as suffered greatly specifically since meeting Jonah and joining PRIDE. After the unexpected and tragic loss of their oldest daughter, Amy, to an apparent suicide, Tina withdrawn her emotions from Robert, growing distant from him as well as shutting out Nico. Some short time later he began an affair with Janet Stein, though Victor, having learned of his wife's infidelity, shared this information at PRIDE's gala at Wizard headquarters. Even after Tina learns of her husband's infidelity, she still loved and cared for him; this was evident in her destroying Victor's dematerization box to save Robert from sacrificing himself on Janet's behalf.[4]


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Season One Promotional

Reunion (1x01)

Rewind (1x02)

Destiny (1x03)

Fifteen (1x04)

Kingdom (1x05)

Metamorphosis (1x06)

Refraction (1x07)

Tsunami (1x08)

Doomsday (1x09)

Hostile (1x10)

Season Two Promotional

Gimme Shelter (2x01)

Radio On (2x02)

Double Zeros (2x03)

Old School (2x04)

Rock Bottom (2x05)


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