Nico Minoru is a main character on Runaways.

Character DescriptionEdit

Tough, intelligent, and independent–embodies teenage angst. A budding "Wiccan," Nico's carefully crafted goth appearance isolates her from her peers and family, but maybe what she really needs is someone to talk to.[3]

Nico never fully recovered after her family’s heartbreaking loss. And while the rest of the gang focuses solely on the latest trauma, Nico begins to explore the possible connection between their new dilemma and the events of the past.[1]


Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season OneEdit


Physical AppearanceEdit

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Nico has only recently learned that she can use her mother's staff. The first instance she discovered what the staff could do was by accident; she was thinking about her sister's love of snow and it began to to snow inside her mother's office.[4] Her second attempt at wielding the staff was much more deliberate. When Alex was taken by Darius Davis, she used the staff to find him, to "Show us the way to Alex". Once she and the others found him, attempted to use the staff again to shut off the engine of Darius' car, however, she was unable to get the staff to respond to her thoughts. After they were exposed and Darius confronted them, she used the staff to protect her, Alex, Molly, Chase, Karolina, and Gert from Darius' assault. As he opened fire on them, she yelled "Protect Us" and the staff responded by shielding them with a wall that, as the bullets penetrated, disintegrated them. [5] To date she's only had one formal training lesson with Tina on how to use the staff. Tina explained to Nico that the staff can only be activated by blood as it responds to her DNA, alone. However, Nico and her mother share enough DNA similarities which allows the staff to respond to her as well. During their training session, Nico successfully caused Tina's voice to become inaudible.[6]

Considering she and mother share enough DNA compatibility that the Staff recognizes them both, this is also considering a weakness. This was shown when Tina took back command of the staff, citing that Nico would have learned how to do that as well if she would have stuck around for more lessons.[7]



Season One
Season Two



Season One Promotional

Reunion (1x01)

Rewind (1x02)

Destiny (1x03)

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Kingdom (1x05)

Metamorphosis (1x06)

Refraction (1x07)

Tsunami (1x08)

Doomsday (1x09)

Hostile (1x10)

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