Geoffrey Wilder is a main character on Season One of Runaways.

Character DescriptionEdit

A man defined by the grueling path he’s taken to achieve his self-made success. A hulking presence, Geoffrey can effortlessly shift from approachable father to intimidating strategist with his son Alex.[1]


Eighteen years prior to current events, Geoffrey and Darius Davis were serving time together; Geoffrey having shot "Osiris" was looking at time, whereas Darius was close to being released as he only had been charged with accessory. After meeting with an unnamed man who offered him five million dollars for some property that his uncle left him, he convinced Darius to take his fall, asked him to tell those in charge that he was the one who shot Osiris. With Darius willing to take the fall, Catherine Henderson, Geoffrey's attorney and future wife, was sure that she'd have him out within a month.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season OneEdit


Physical AppearanceEdit

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Season One
Season Two



Season One Promotional

Reunion (1x01)

Rewind (1x02)

Destiny (1x03)

Fifteen (1x04)

Kingdom (1x05)

Metamorphosis (1x06)

Refraction (1x07)

Tsunami (1x08)

Doomsday (1x09)

Hostile (1x10)

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